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Trapped, surrounded by predators everywhere I look, monsters masquerading as human beings, smile on their face and a hole where their hearts should be. Words oozing venom and hate Im surprised others dont see it dripping out their pores. Their very essence is soaked with malice and blood, every inch of their outter appearance says Im human but if you watch them, how they treat others, how they speak to them, what they do, you will find they are a disgusting monstrosity and bring shame to everything you would expect of a decent human being. The worst kind of demon is the one playing pretend. I see you for what you are, all your filthy hate, malice, pettiness, all consuming jealousy, your mouth dripping with deception like the worst sort of bile. It's creatures like you humans with demonic nature or monsters wearing human skin, call it what you will, that don't deserve to even exist. Keep that in mind before your next insult then you putrid vomit stain on society.


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Oh hi there :) My name is Ash and I've been doodling in art since I was a toddler,I have no formal training in it whatsoever I just draw from scratch whatever when I feel like it, I write poetry much more often then I draw though. I do take many many pictures of myself because I get constant requests from friends/associates/admirers so there is a lot of that. I have a rather cat-like nature and attitude so you will often see me sporting my signature ears ;) Personality wise Im nice to you if you're nice to me, I respect you as long as you show me respect. Please don't come onto my page with immature bullshit let me elaborate on immature bullshit, as in you're extremely jealous A. because Im better looking B. I have more page views C.You're pissed because you don't stand a chance in hell with me D. You have no life and nothing better to do but bitch on other peoples stuff E. Your artwork/photography/poetry is garbage so you're hating on me ok so lets put on our big boy pants when we are here please and get over petty childish crap I don't have time for stupidity and I never will so you might as well talk to a wall cause thats about as much interest youll get out of me when behaving like that. MOVING ON I love books, with a passion, they are the most beautiful amazing things in creation I could read a series in 3 days if I love it and I can spend weeks at a time lost in my collection of books if given the chance, pesky life matter interrupt always lol. I love to watch anime I have around 60 complete box set series in my entertainment center. I love to dress up and am constantly buying new piecs of clothes to go with cat ears lol. If I dont like you I will say it to your face and I will have a reason and it will be huge because initially I like everyone :) Im very nice as long as you dont make an ass of yourself. I am not single I am happily in love and have been for 4 years and completely taken so no nasty notes please I am not available. Im basically here to share my love of art and poetry with people who enjoy it so lets make your visit here enjoyable and nice ^_^.......... =_= or kitty will pull out razor claws.

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